Sarasate Live!

Pamplona 2015
Jun 29 - Jul 4

Sarasate Live!

Could  I send the two interpretations  (sarasate and paganini) in one video link? 

No, each piece must be recorded alone with one link correctly identified with the name of the piece and the player.


Could I use the same piece that I sent for the pre-selection during the violin competition?

Yes, you can.


When and how do I have to pay the registration fee?

You must pay the registration fee only if you’ve been admited to the competition. You must pay 60 € to the account number given on the rules writing in the concept your complete name. You must send the receipt before 2nd of march 2015 to:


Could I change the repertoire choosen at the moment of the inscription?

No, It’s not possible to modify the repertoire, unless the jury expressly authorized.



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